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Caring for your teeth at an old age is similar to caring for your teeth at a young age, but oftentimes just requires a bit more patience and effort. The nerves in your teeth tend to decay and become weaker over time, which can make you unaware of incoming cavities or other dental issues. Without dental exams, your teeth can decay much easier.

If your teeth do rot out, services such as dentures can be used to maintain your smile. Listed below are some common guidelines and tips for keeping your smiles healthy and strong as you age:

TRUE or FALSE: Medications can cause cavities.
– This is true. Medications can often cause dry mouth symptoms, which can lead to cavities as we age.

What is the number one way to care for dentures?
– Always remove your dentures every night, and after every snack for cleaning. Before inserting a pair of dentures back in your mouth, confirm that your mouth is clean and that your dentures are washed with water if they have been soaked in a denture cleanser.

What are some of the habits that can keep your teeth healthy as you age?
– To ensure the longevity of your smile, always brush twice daily using soft bristles, and floss at least once daily. Maintain a healthy and safe diet to ensure various foods can’t harm your mouth.

Which bad habits should you quit?
– Preferably, you should stop all bad habits, hence the word bad. However, some are worse than others. If you smoke or chew tobacco, or excessively drink alcohol, no matter what age you are, you should quit today as they increase your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, cancer, and even death.

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