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Even though you may be expending energy daily to brush and floss your smile, it is not enough to protect your teeth from decay and your gums from disease. Don’t let your smile down by avoiding dental cleanings even if you feel anxious whenever you go to the dentist!

Our six-month dental cleanings supplement your daily efforts to give you healthy smile you deserve. Dr. Steve Hong & Dennis Fee and our team are happy to give you a good idea of what you can expect to experience during your visits to alleviate any concerns.

First, we may take dental x-rays of your mouth to allow us to see problems going on under the surface, especially in the teeth and jawbone. By using dental x-rays, our dentist can see impacted teeth, bone decay, jawbone damage, tumors, cysts, and any swelling under the surface.

Next, we clean your teeth and gums, by removing plaque buildup. Your daily oral hygiene helps keep plaque to a minimum, but there are areas in the mouth that can be hard to clean. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it can erode tooth enamel and cause cavities. For hardened plaque along the gum line, you risk infection, known as gingivitis. Without treatment, gingivitis causes the gums to recede and leads to bone and tooth loss. Hardened plaque requires special dental tools for proper removal.

We also check for any damage to your smile caused by your habits and recommend appropriate treatment or advice. We look for:

–Tooth damage from eating sticky or hard sweets.
–Tooth or gum damage as a result of brushing too hard.
–Damage to the teeth from nail-biting.
–Tooth or jaw damage because of constant jaw clenching.
–Tooth damage because of persistent tooth grinding.
–Damage to teeth and gums from tobacco products.
–Damage to your teeth because of chewing on ice.
–Tooth discoloration from frequent consumption of tea, coffee or red wine.

Your smile will also be evaluated for any signs of oral cancer. This is crucial because this silent killer does respond well to early treatment. Your dentist will assess your mouth, jaw, neck, lymph nodes, and oral tissues for any cancerous indicators.

Your teeth and gums will be thoroughly cleaned during your visit. This will be followed by a tooth polishing treatment. Each tooth will be flossed as well as the gums.

After your evaluation, we will discuss with you any dental hygiene steps you can take at home to give your smile the daily care it needs to thrive between dental visits.

As you can see, dental checkups and cleanings are painless and are your best defense to avoiding more invasive treatments that arise from neglecting your oral hygiene.

If you are ready to schedule your next cleaning, call 215-564-9010 today. Our Philadelphia Dental Associates team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is to help you maintain a healthy, confident smile!