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Many children have difficulty brushing and flossing. Not only do they hate brushing and flossing, but they are also aren’t very good at it. This isn’t their fault, it can take time to learn the basics of good oral care. It can be easy for a child to overlook certain cracks and crevices while brushing, leaving behind plaque and food. This can, of course, lead to cavities developing in your child’s teeth. Thankfully, there is a dental treatment to help protect your child’s teeth. A dental sealant treatment will ensure your child an extra line of defense against tooth decay during these formative years.

A dental sealant treatment consists of a plastic resin being applied to the rear teeth, which is highly effective at preventing decay on the surface area of the molars. During this simple procedure, the tooth-colored acrylic resin seals in the crevices of the teeth in order to protect them from the threat of decay.

The crevices of the teeth can be difficult to clean while brushing and flossing, leaving behind food particles and plaque. A dental sealant protects this area of the teeth from having those things left behind.

A dental sealant only takes a few minutes for Drs. Hong, Fee, and Cho to apply. The treatment will last for years before a reapplication of the resin is needed.

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