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Protect your summer smile with these important root canal tips. Root canals are dental restoration treatments designed to save teeth that otherwise would be lost. If the pulp of a tooth is damaged, it can become infected and eventually kill the tooth and become a health risk for your entire body. Root canals remove the pulp so the tooth can be saved.

Common causes that typically require root canal therapies include:

– If you have a multitude of dental procedures on a tooth, the persistent wear and tear to the tooth could leave it vulnerable to a pulp infection, which would then require a root canal.
– If you have suffered an oral accident or injury that left you with broken or fractured teeth, the root of the teeth could be uncovered and cause the pulp to become damaged or diseased.
– Some injuries can occur to teeth that is not visible, and damage to the pulp can still take place if the bacteria seeps through to the root.
– If a cavity has gone untreated in a tooth, sooner or later it will decay your tooth down to your root and cause your tooth’s pulp in your root to become diseased, and require a root canal.

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