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Dental floss is a vital tooth cleaning tool that is a fundamental element of every oral healthcare routine. However, since It is so prevalent in everybody’s lives, there are many methods floating around to achieve the perfect floss. The truth is that a perfect floss may not always be possible, but doing your flossing routine safely and effectively every single day is the first step in ensuring your teeth get the treatment they deserve.

When choosing a dental floss, look for a product that features the ADA Seal of Acceptance or has been recommended to you by your dentist. Another key factor of choosing your floss can be seen in its durability. Look for floss that is shred-resistant, so it can effectively floss your entire teeth within a session without failure.

For each flossing session, use a single strand of floss that you can wrap around a finger on each hand. Use floss about 18 inches in length to ensure that you can floss between every tooth, moving to a new section of the floss for each tooth. After each session, throw out the floss and use a new strand for each new session.

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