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When many people think of oral hygiene, they think of brushing but they don’t think of flossing. If you’re one who tends to skip their flossing technique every morning and night, then your smile could be in grave danger.

Flossing is vital for your smile. In fact, there are many reasons why you should floss at least once a day, and those reasons are:

Reason No. 1: Plaque acts quickly

Plaque can harden within hours of eating, so if you miss a few days of flossing, the cavity-causing substance will firmly stick to your teeth. The only way to remove it is with a professional dental cleaning.

Reason No. 2: Your gums will stop bleeding

If your gums bleed when you floss, it means you don’t floss enough. If you floss frequently and remove the bacteria from the gumline, your body won’t send blood cells to the area to fight the infection.

Reason No. 3: The rest of your body will be healthier

Gum disease is a dangerous dental issue that occurs when you don’t floss. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, and rheumatoid arthritis are all linked to gum disease, so if you floss to prevent gum disease, you’ll also prevent these other health issues.

Reason No. 4: Your teeth will stay strong

If you floss, you’ll be removing the harmful particles that cause tooth decay. So, it’s best to floss frequently so you don’t have to experience treatment from the dental drill.

As you can see, flossing is very important. If you would like to learn more about flossing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, please call our office today at 215-564-9010 and talk to your dentist, Dr. Steve Hong & Dennis Fee, or a member of our dental team. We are happy to help you!