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Even though your tooth enamel is hard, there are still some extreme situations when a blow to the face or hard fall can crack a tooth. At the same time, tooth enamel can also be damaged by something as simple as grinding your teeth at night or by nibbling on foreign objects. The severity of the fracture will determine the first-aid and treatment options needed.

If an oral accident has left you with blood and debris in your mouth, you can rinse them away with lukewarm water. This can also help you get a clear look at the damage done.

If the fracture is limited to the enamel layer of the tooth, Dr. Steve Hong & Dennis Fee might be able to repair it with an ordinary filling. Without repair, the fractured enamel could easily invite tooth decay to set in.

If you experience pain or excess sensitivity in the tooth, it likely means that the fracture has penetrated the sensitive dentin, pulp or root of the tooth. In a case like this, your dentist will likely need to perform a root canal. Then the tooth enamel can be restored by installing a dental crown.

If the damage is severe, the tooth might need to be extracted and restored in the future with a dental bridge or a dental implant.

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