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Do you wonder if your toothbrush or your floss is working as well as it should or if your smile is receiving all the benefits of a good clean? Our team at Philadelphia Dental Associates can help you determine if you are using the right dental tools to keep your smile healthy. If you are concerned about your dental health, we can help you choose alternative dental products to boost your oral hygiene.

When it comes to manual and powered dental tools, both can work equally well, but certain situations may mean powered options could serve you better. For example, an electric toothbrush may be ideal if arthritis or another condition has made using your hands a struggle. Also, if you have braces, an electric toothbrush can help clean around the appliance. However, a manual toothbrush may feel more comfortable, and it can achieve the same results as long as you use it twice a day for the recommended two minutes at a time.

Similarly with flossing, a water pick may be preferable to dental floss if you have lost dexterity in your hands. It sends a stream of water to clean plaque and debris buildup from between your teeth. Cleaning the back of your teeth and making your mouth feel more refreshed can also be easier with a water pick.

Keep your comfort in mind when you are choosing dental products. If an electric toothbrush or feels more comfortable than a manual one, talk to Dr. Steve Hong & Dennis Fee, Dr. Fee. or Dr. Resiner about product recommendations to help you select the right tool. For more information about the right dental products in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, please contact our Philadelphia Dental Associates dentist at 215-564-9010 today.