Philadelphia Dental Associates is pleased to feature Hiossen® dental chairs in our practice. These state-of-the-art dental chairs are designed to give you an exceptional experience, ensuring greater comfort while also maximizing the precision and efficiency of your actual treatment. Hiossen dental chairs are optimized with an ergonomic design to help you remain comfortable, and they also include an accessible assembly including a doctor’s table and an assistant’s unit so that our team can optimize our workflow and provide you with quality care.

The Hiossen chair also includes a built-in Cavitron ultrasonic scaler for your dental cleanings, allowing our dentists to provide you with a faster and more effective dental cleaning to keep your mouth healthy. Ultrasonic scalers are designed to give you a more comfortable experience so that you can receive the care you need without any stress or worry. Additionally, Netflix and other amenities are linked to the chair for your use.

For more information about the Hiossen dental chair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or to make an appointment with Dr. John Kang or Dr. Edward Cruz, contact us today at 215-564-9010.